About the Book

Bullying victims often suffer from social anxiety and low self-worth throughout their lives. Many do not realize that it is the bullying from many years ago that lies at the root of the problem. It is possible to overcome all of this and reclaim your life, as I have done.

Life After Bullying

In Life After Bullying, for the first time, I share my personal story and introduce the complete method I have developed from my own experience, as well as through extensive work with trauma victims. Starting from wherever you are today, you will follow a logical progression of specific steps to heal yourself and recover from the trauma of bullying. I will guide you through a sequence of practical exercises that allow you to take stock of your situation, appreciate yourself, and set vivid goals for your future. I also provide a comprehensive toolbox of techniques you can use to overcome anxiety, work on your limiting beliefs, and achieve your goals.

The book gives you everything you need to work on your own, but your progress will be faster if you join my online course, group coaching or work individually with me one-on-one.

I have completed the journey from a timid girl hiding in the shadows to a confident woman living a loving and fulfilling life. You can, too. Live the life of your dreams by putting bullying behind you for good.

You can also buy it from my publisher Balboa Press or in well-stocked bookstores.

Praise for Life After Bullying

Bullying and its torturous consequences can affect us mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Lotte superbly guides us to move from victimhood to creator of our lives with clearly explained practices. Her wise guidance is a lifeline to anyone who has suffered from the unkind actions of others. Following her lead can result in deep relief, a life of peace, and a legacy of forgiveness toward those who did not know better or did not care.

Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D.
CEO of Scheele Learning Systems, co-founder of Learning Strategies Corporation,
 Developer of Paraliminals

‘‘Are you someone who has been bullied? Do you know of someone who is being bullied?  Life After Bullying is the perfect gift to yourself or to someone you care about.  With such grace, Lotte Vesterli lovingly shares how she healed from the wounds of bullying to create the ideal life.  With honesty, compassion, and skill, the author shows you practical exercises and tools that she has tested.  You, too, can find your sacred self and create your ideal life after bullying.  This book belongs in the hands of all of us who want to create a world where every child and adult is filled with confidence, sharing their gifts with their families and communities around the world.”  

Dr. Anita Sanchez
International trainer and speaker
Author of The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times.

“A brilliant book, chock-full of tools, tips and techniques for uplevelling your life! Lotte Vesterli has written a must-read masterpiece for anyone who’s ever struggled with low self-esteem (and haven’t we all at some point in life?)!”

Danne Reed
Author, Entrepreneur, Executive Producer – Reignite Your Spark Tour,
Founder – Vellami.com

“The power of Lotte Vesterli’s Life After Bullying comes from the power of her story and the immediate actions it provides to her readers. Most books of this type take half the pages explaining bullying, its history and why it is so bad for people based on statistics, research and global data. Lotte doesn’t waste her time on this, as it doesn’t take rocket science to know bullying is bad.

She immediately jumps into her incredible story and how she’s transformed her life as a result of while sharing the gifts of her discoveries with her readers.

Life After Bullying is much more than Lotte’s personal story, however. It is also a workbook that moves you through the steps of recovery and growth. Lotte has done a remarkable job of moving between storytelling and story doing where the exercises and activities help the reader create her own story.

Bullying is a topic that is on the tips of everyone’s tongues these days. We see it in our schoolyards, experience it in the workplace and witness it in global politics. It is time for us to confront this unacceptable behavior on a personal basis so that we can cure it on a cultural basis. Lotte Vesterli’s Life After Bullying is an important step towards that goal.”

Richard S. Citrin, Ph.D., MBA
Author of The Resilience Advantage:
Stop Managing Stress and Find Your Resilience

“Lotte Vesterli is a wayshower. In Life After Bullying, she powerfully and courageously shares her journey from the victim of bullying to a woman in charge of her own life. Whether you’ve experienced one instance of bullying or decades, Lotte’s experiences and the guidance she provides will help you reclaim your life.”

Kathy Sparrow
Message Strategist, Author, and Founder of Writing at Your Edge

“I do not have enough words to praise this book highly enough. I was bullied without mercy when I was a child, and it left scars that lasted a lifetime. If this book had been available years ago, it would have changed my life completely.

Lotte endured terrible bullying and understands the pain and the damage it does to a child, and she shares her journey of how she began to overcome the abuse and to find her own power and voice.

Lotte beautifully and honestly shares her journey and reaches out her hand to help the rest of us follow her to a happier, healthier, more joyful life.

This is an amazing book, Lotte understands the pain suffered by people who have been bullied regardless of their age or place in life, and she offers simple but powerful suggestions about how to let go of the past, heal, and move on to a brighter future.

This book is healing, compassionate, encouraging and will change your life.”

April Knight
Best-selling author and award-winning artist