Facebook group

To help you share your dreams, support each other and to get new insight in the possibilities that you have today I have created at Facebook group, that I will invite you to join.

Day by day this group will grow and as more people are joining, the possibility of supporting each other will grow. Therefor please share the awareness of this group so that it can grow and join the group today by clicking here

Welcome to Life after Bullying

This site is developed to help you move forward in your life after your traumatic experience. I know first hand what i means to be bullied and had a long period where I had trouble speaking up and trust – other people and my self!

On this site, you will get access to free information that will help you take the first steps to living the life you deserve, as well as you will find homestudy programs, group coaching offerings and individuel products.

I am looking forward to help you live your life to the fullest.