Yesterday you could read about how self-harm has increased among young people. And that there is lacking a plan, how to help these young people who are harming themselves. The issue is, that you harm your self in order to create outside pain to overcome the inner pain. But this only work for a short amount of time! And more often than not, you have to harm your self more and more seriously in order to overcome the inner pain.

The fact is, that it is important to heal the inner pain in order to help you deal with the self-harm.

When you focus on healing your self from the inside out, the reason to you’re harming your self will lessen. You can’t help your self to have a happier and healthier life, if you only work on the covering symptoms. Therefor it is important to seek help from someone who are used to help people dealing with these issues.

When you at a lookout for help – look for someone, that will help you go inside to free the pain, by healing the inner blocks.

One way to do this is with the RIM technique. This technique is a great way to help you uncover what’s inside your unconscious mind, and to release these hidden blocks. This technique helps you in a short profound way, to dig deep and heal quickly.

If you’re harming your self, or know somebody who’s doing it, make sure to get some professional help, before the pain is so big that you can’t handle it anymore. The sooner you start the better, but it is never too late!

If you’re having problems today, don’t hesitate to send an email and schedule a free consultation with me. Here you will learn what kind of work is the next, best step for you, and you will leave with a next action-step to do, whether you decide to work with me or not.

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