Push your limits

The sun was going down, still you could see the on last ray coming though, but in a moment it would be swallowed by the water and the signal would sound. Here I was among more than a 1000 other runners ready to take off.

It is midsummer, sun set at 10.22 pm and I would see it rise at 4.36 am. The signal sounds and we take off from the westcoast. The goal to reach the Eastcoast after a 50 k run.

Physical challenges can be tough and yet very revarding. When pushing your limits just far enough to have to go to your limits in order to succeed then you truely grow personally.

Friday I did what for me was the ultimate challenge. I had signed up for a 50 k last year and now it was taking place. My goal was to complete the 50 k in what ever way that would take, the ultimate goal to complete by running the whole way.

I ended up completing by walking quite a bit at the end. And I felt great. The learning for me was worth every painful step. Though the training and the challenge I have learned just how far I can push psycially and mentally a learning that have made me grow personally. It is not about winning. It is only about keep going and  completing, at the end you will reach your goal. A learning that can be transferred into any area of your life.

You don’t need to do a 50 k to push though your limits. What feels like a challenge to you? Maybe a 5 k or a half marathon? Or maybe it is a long walk, a bikeride or joining a gym class and continue it for the four month til you finely feel you master it and want to keep going.

Push your limits and expand your comfortzone. What will be your challnge? Share on my facebook page lifeafterbullying.

Meditation strenghtens your system

Meditation is one key to streghten your system. Honestly I believe it to be a very important key as meditation supports you in feeling more relaxed and grow your resiliance muscle. Meditation calm our mind and improve your sleep. I can continue with the benefits but instead I will present you for a fantastic offer.

Starting today Learning ‘Strategies are hosting a free ‘Spring Forest Healing Fest’ offering you their Spring Forest Qigong personal learning course all for free.Spring  forest Qigong is my favorite meditation tool as it improve your health and also teach your technics to heal others. Countless is the times where I have supported others in removing pain or quickened my own healing.

Check it out for your self though this link Spring Forest Qigong.

Memorial day

Today we are remembering our Soldiers who died in Service. Let’s also pause and remembering all the Soldiers that throughout the wars have come home with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or other mental illnesses.

These Soldiers, and their families, suffered and suffer for the rest of their life if nothing is being done to support them. In my work I meet children and grandchildren of Traumatized Soldiers who them self are suffering from having lived with a dad who could easily explode in anger or a dad who wasn’t capable of showing emotions at all.

Often only little help is offered, but there are hope for a better life. A life with less reactions and a higher quality of life. I just worked with a client who from a mere 5 sessions with me went from having more than 25 body-reactions a day to less than 1,5. Most days, today, she hardly experience any reactions, and only in stress full situations do they increase to 2 – 4 a day. This can be your experience too, if you are ready to work for you.

Are you interested in living a higher quality of life and increase your inner peace? Contact me today by sending an email to [email protected] and I will set up a free introduction call with you.

Solar Eclipse

A total Solar Eclipse just happened here on the Faroe Islands. Up till the last minute people were following the weather forecast closely, getting more and more anxious. Would we be able to see the eclipse?

In this case you can choose to worry or to live in the now, accepting what is happening at any given moment. Living in the now does not mean not following the weather forecast. What it does mean is following the forecast and choosing not to worry – to accept whatever is happening and be fully present in the moment, enjoying the experience no matter what.

We can’t predict our life. We can plan for many things, but there are also many things in life that we can’t control. When we worry about the things we can’t control, we are not giving ourselves the opportunity to live in the present and enjoy our life as it is.

Are you worrying about the things in life that you can’t control?

In the case of the eclipse we did catch some view of the moon passing the sun. At the time of the total eclipse the sky was totally clouded. Nevertheless, the experience was huge. The light disappeared and the birds where flying screaming and disoriented by.

Sometimes events are not exactly what we expect. But it can still be an impressive experience to be enjoyed fully in the moment.

Choosing to live your life fully in the present moment as best as you can at any given time gives you the opportunity to really enjoy your life – no matter what. And it gives you a better change of bouncing back more easily when needed.

Choose wisely and enjoy your life to the fullest – you deserve it.


The sun partially covered by the moon.


Yesterday you could read about how self-harm has increased among young people. And that there is lacking a plan, how to help these young people who are harming themselves. The issue is, that you harm your self in order to create outside pain to overcome the inner pain. But this only work for a short amount of time! And more often than not, you have to harm your self more and more seriously in order to overcome the inner pain.

The fact is, that it is important to heal the inner pain in order to help you deal with the self-harm.

When you focus on healing your self from the inside out, the reason to you’re harming your self will lessen. You can’t help your self to have a happier and healthier life, if you only work on the covering symptoms. Therefor it is important to seek help from someone who are used to help people dealing with these issues.

When you at a lookout for help – look for someone, that will help you go inside to free the pain, by healing the inner blocks.

One way to do this is with the RIM technique. This technique is a great way to help you uncover what’s inside your unconscious mind, and to release these hidden blocks. This technique helps you in a short profound way, to dig deep and heal quickly.

If you’re harming your self, or know somebody who’s doing it, make sure to get some professional help, before the pain is so big that you can’t handle it anymore. The sooner you start the better, but it is never too late!

If you’re having problems today, don’t hesitate to send an email and schedule a free consultation with me. Here you will learn what kind of work is the next, best step for you, and you will leave with a next action-step to do, whether you decide to work with me or not.

Send an email to [email protected] and schedule your time. Treatments are done in person or through Skype.

Welcome to Life after Bullying

This site is developed to help you move forward in your life after your traumatic experience. I know first hand what i means to be bullied and had a long period where I had trouble speaking up and trust – other people and my self!

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