Solar Eclipse

A total Solar Eclipse just happened here on the Faroe Islands. Up till the last minute people were following the weather forecast closely, getting more and more anxious. Would we be able to see the eclipse?

In this case you can choose to worry or to live in the now, accepting what is happening at any given moment. Living in the now does not mean not following the weather forecast. What it does mean is following the forecast and choosing not to worry – to accept whatever is happening and be fully present in the moment, enjoying the experience no matter what.

We can’t predict our life. We can plan for many things, but there are also many things in life that we can’t control. When we worry about the things we can’t control, we are not giving ourselves the opportunity to live in the present and enjoy our life as it is.

Are you worrying about the things in life that you can’t control?

In the case of the eclipse we did catch some view of the moon passing the sun. At the time of the total eclipse the sky was totally clouded. Nevertheless, the experience was huge. The light disappeared and the birds where flying screaming and disoriented by.

Sometimes events are not exactly what we expect. But it can still be an impressive experience to be enjoyed fully in the moment.

Choosing to live your life fully in the present moment as best as you can at any given time gives you the opportunity to really enjoy your life – no matter what. And it gives you a better change of bouncing back more easily when needed.

Choose wisely and enjoy your life to the fullest – you deserve it.


The sun partially covered by the moon.