Push your limits

The sun was going down, still you could see the on last ray coming though, but in a moment it would be swallowed by the water and the signal would sound. Here I was among more than a 1000 other runners ready to take off.

It is midsummer, sun set at 10.22 pm and I would see it rise at 4.36 am. The signal sounds and we take off from the westcoast. The goal to reach the Eastcoast after a 50 k run.

Physical challenges can be tough and yet very revarding. When pushing your limits just far enough to have to go to your limits in order to succeed then you truely grow personally.

Friday I did what for me was the ultimate challenge. I had signed up for a 50 k last year and now it was taking place. My goal was to complete the 50 k in what ever way that would take, the ultimate goal to complete by running the whole way.

I ended up completing by walking quite a bit at the end. And I felt great. The learning for me was worth every painful step. Though the training and the challenge I have learned just how far I can push psycially and mentally a learning that have made me grow personally. It is not about winning. It is only about keep going and  completing, at the end you will reach your goal. A learning that can be transferred into any area of your life.

You don’t need to do a 50 k to push though your limits. What feels like a challenge to you? Maybe a 5 k or a half marathon? Or maybe it is a long walk, a bikeride or joining a gym class and continue it for the four month til you finely feel you master it and want to keep going.

Push your limits and expand your comfortzone. What will be your challnge? Share on my facebook page lifeafterbullying.