Accepting my feelings are giving up?

Actually the opposite is the case. When you accept your feelings you allow them to flow instead of suppressing them. Feelings that flow can be handled.

Most people I know have at least once exploded in rage or started to cry of an apparently very little reason. When looking at the feelings that are bobbling up most often it contains several issues that has been suppressed over time.

When being able to notice your feelings and accept them as they are in any given moment, they can flow freely. You can help them on their way by just breathing though them with some nice deep breaths and sense how they pas though your body. Very much in the same way as the nurse teach you to handle your pain when giving birth to a baby.

In the beginning this technic is easiest with small issues and emotions that are coming up though out a day. As you get used to using the breathing method you can work with bigger emotions that you have suppressed over time.

When you have tried this technic let me know how it worked for you by commenting below.