4 years after Utøya

Four years ago today life changes for many people. 69 young people died in a terror attack on Utøya and the survivors and relatives is still having a hard time dealing with their trauma.

Unfortunately Utøya is not the only place terror is happening. Suicide bombing and  shootings is happening all over the world. Some hit the news others don’t. No matter what the survivors and relatives are the one that is suffering in the long run.

Research shows that a traumatic memory is stored in our memory at a cellular level. It also shows that there is treatment that can support you in unlocking this memory and rework it into a emotionally more healthy memory.

Personally I have had success with the RIM method. First to heal my own traumatic experience and over the past years to help many people unlock their traumatic experience and be able to move forward in their life. No matter what you choose, keep working on your self and step by step you will move forward.

If you are interested in learning more about the RIM method feel free to contact me either by email [email protected] or phone +45 60 18 32 36 to set up a free introduction.

Lotte Vesterli

Occupational Therapist, Coach, Master RIM-facilitator
Upcoming author of “Life after Bullying”