Letting go of the past

The 75th anniversary of Auschwitz’s liberation is marked today in many places. A day that is important to mark because the past still affects the affected families. This summer my family and I visited Auschwitz and the energy of violence, fear and despair was still very present.

I see it again and again in my work on stress and trauma. The past is a part of us, because our parents’ deep-seated anxiety and insecurity affect us. Maybe it was hard for them to show love and joy, maybe it was growing up in a family where abuse and violence was the norm. And what about that embedded fear that comes from growing up in an unstable family, were we never quite knew what we would encounter when we got home. All things, that make us more at risk to developing stress, anxiety etc.

If we choose to let go of the past, this is done by working at the deep level. Time and again, I see clients who, by going far back, get to the deep memories stored in the body. Experiences and memories that affect them today until they release it. The results is huge and is tangible with more energy, better sleep, greater internal balance and less stress.

The surprise of how much the past affects our present is huge, the sense of freedom even greater.

With RIM (Regenerating Image in Memory), we gain awareness of the unconscious memories. Once memories are brought to light, we can relate to them in a new way and let go of the imbalances in the body.

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